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Turning-and-boring lathe
станок 1532T Turning-and-boring lathe :1532T (1983). turning diameter - 3200 mm, working height -2000 mm,workpiece weight - 50 tons. Machine weight - 90 tons
Gear-grinding machine
станок gleason 463 Gear-grinding machine: GLEASON 463 with center
Planar mill
6640f2 Planar mill: 6640F2 (1986). Table 4000x12000 mm, height of workpiece - 4000 mm, workpiece weight - 150 tons, the weight of the machine - 620 tons
 6650_1_1 Planar mill: 6650 (1982) table 5000 х 20 000 mm,  weight of the machine 750 tons
Screw-cutting lathe
1m65_1 Screw-cutting lathe: 1М65
Станок токарно винторезный 1М65   рмц 8000мм  Screw-cutting lathe: 1М65 8000mm, (1982). After modernization, the diameter over bed 1400mm
Parallel-planing machine
ps7212 Parallel-planing machine: 7212, table 1000х4000 mm. Machine weight - 27.5 tons
КВ2536  Single-crank press, direct, closed, KD2536 1992 release, Rated 400kN force, move the slider to 400 mm and weight of 32 tons
 ka2534_1981_1  Single-crank press, single-acting, closed K2534, the nominal capacity of 2500 kN, the weight of 23.4 tons
КА9536 , Single-crank press single-acting, closed KA9536, nominal force of 4000 kN, stroke slide 400mm, table 1000 x 1000 mm, weight 36.7 tons
К9538  77 год

Single-crank press single-acting closed K9538 in., Nominal force 6300 kN Slide stroke420 mm, table 1250 x 1250 mm, weight 51.8 tons

К8544  74 год

Press mechanical crank hot forging (forging - stamping) K8544, 1974, nominal force of 25,000 kN, stroke 350 mm slide, table 1200 x 1400 mm, weight 200 tons.

К2542  80 год

Single-crank press single-acting closed K2542, 1980., Nominal force of 16,000 kNSlide stroke 400 mm, table 1800 x 1800 mm, weight of 154.3 tonnes

Roll-grinding machine

Roll grinding machine is a special 3417V (Intended for external grinding of cylindrical,conical, convex and concave surfaces of rolls and shafts), turning diameter 1500 mm,length 6000 mm, machine weight 99.1 tons

CNC machining centre
Обрабатывающий центр  с ЧПУ  CW1000  HECKERT

CNC Machining Center HECKERT CW 1000
The surface of the clamping width * length (mm) 1000 x 1000
fastening grooves
Number of T-slots longitudinal 10
T-shaped grooves of the upper width 18 mm
T-slots distance of 100 mm
The guide groove (mm) 18 H7 depth 10
Maximum load on the workpiece carrier 2000 kgs
- With an automatic change of the details of 1500
The highest allowable overturning moment with respect to the pivot axis, Nm 2000
The height of the mounting surface of the floor, mm 1275
Dividing rotary table, mm 360 x 1 °
The diameter of the center hole, mm 32N7
Automatic change details
Number of satellites 2 smenivaemyh
Maximum satellites change, 20 sec
The maximum dimensions of the items etc. * W * H, mm 1000 × 1000 × 1000
range of motion
The X-axis (longitudinal movement of the rack), 1250 mm
The Y axis (vertical movement of the caliper) 1250 mm
Z-axis (transverse movement of the rack, including 170 mm space to change the cutting tools with limited user) 790 mm
Working space
The minimum distance between the working spindle weight and center of the table, mm 290
The minimum distance between the working spindle axis and the upper edge of the table, 25 mm
The maximum distance between the working spindle axis and the middle of the table (in both marginal areas), 625 mm
The height of the working space above the upper edge of the screen (pass when changing parts) of the table, mm 1300

Round-grinding lathe
 Станок круглошлифовальный  3М193

3M193 round-grinding lathe, grinding diameter 560mm, 2800mm, part weight 4000 kg, machine weight of 28.27 tonnes. Is currently refurbishing

Turning lathe
Станок токарный с ЧПУ   HOESCH  MFD 1000

Sanding head
Swing over suportom 1000mm
Height of centers 850 mm
Weight of workpiece 16 t
machine weight 55 tons


Lathe, mod. 1A670, turning diameter over bed 2000 mm Swing over cross slide1600mm, 10 000 mm


Lathe, mod. 1680, turning diameter over bed 2000 mm Swing over cross slide1600mm, 8000 mm

Plano-type grinding machine

Plano-type grinding machine: HECKERT SZ25 25 08 , table 2500 х 8000 mm





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